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Maang Tika and Earrins

ACR/1/4062   $198

Matha Patti in dull

ACR/1/4061   $178

Finger ring in silver

ACR/1/4060   $98

Finger ring in gold

ACR/1/4059   $78

Finger ring in gold

ACR/1/4058   $78

Finger ring in silver

ACR/1/4057   $88

Finger ring in silver

ACR/1/4056   $98

Tika with Earrings

ACR/1/4055   $198

Matha Pathi in dull

ACR/1/4054   $178

Matha Pathi with Earrings

ACR/1/4051   $258

Matha Pati and Earrings

ACR/1/4008   $268

Maang Tika in dull gold

ACR/1/4007   $78

Maang Tika and Earrings

ACR/1/4006   $198

Adjustable Finger Ring

ACR/1/4005   $218

Frkiya Maang Tika

ACR/1/4004   $198

Aditu Earrings

ACR/1/4003   $248

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